Garrett (garote) wrote,

Top Ten Reasons To Quit Slashdot! (Or: Hey guys, remember that old site we all stopped reading?)

Remember that old message board, back in the late 90's? Wasn't that thing a laugh? Oh sorry, you're on your phone. I won't distract you.

(In solidarity with this page)

10. You probably already have, and haven't noticed.
9. Editorial quality was always poor; it has only declined.
8. All the edgy stuff happens elsewhere now. Even places like 4chan and Reddit are edgier.
7. Many of the discussion threads never elevate beyond what you'd find underneath the average YouTube video.
6. The scoring system encourages bitch-slapping and arguing to "win". (A.k.a "karma whoring".) There is no prize for winning. There never was.
5. Moderation is a thankless unpaid task.
4. Facebook and other social media are a better for product endorsements, faster with news, and more easily filtered.
3. The "Slashdot Effect" ain't what it used to be.
2. Most of us have grown up and moved on.
1. Slashdot never did anything for you (but waste your time).

The question that leaps to mind is: Why post this? Am I bitter about something? In a bad mood? Well, yeah, I probably am in a bad mood, but that motivation also comes wrapped around something else. Someone mentioned an article they'd seen on Slashdot today, and I realized I hadn't even looked at the home page in a year, which surprised me.

I used to read the Slashdot RSS feed for news about the company I worked for, and when Safari got updated and lost the RSS reader, I didn't bother to update the broken link.

So the question I asked myself is: In retrospect, what was my impression of Slashdot? And the above list is most of what came as an answer. No wonder I left it behind.
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