Garrett (garote) wrote,

I am pleased.

This year is going to be a good year for sci fi at the movies - the good brainy traditional kind, and the chunky loud space-opera exploding kind.

March 29: The Host (Okay, I'm probably skipping this one myself, but I suppose it counts.)
April 5: Trance
April 5: Upstream Color (From the guy who did Primer! Whooo!)
April 19: Oblivion (Supposed to be visually stunning. Cruise is a weirdo, but he's very good within his range, so I'll be seeing it.)
May 3: Iron Man 3 (Yeah, well, it's a superhero story with sci-fi gadget trimmings, but I'm gonna count it.)
May 17: Star Trek Into Darkness (Emo Spock yeeeah! Karl Urban being a goof YEEAH!)
May 31: Now You See Me
June 7: After Earth (Hopefully the whole movie isn't in service to a Big Twist. Shyamalan's camera instincts are too stately for action, and I hope he's learned a lot about the genre since the execrable Last Airbender flick.)
July 12: Pacific Rim (Del Toro! Whoooo! Ron Perlman! Always fun to watch!)
August 9: Elysium (Helium-baloon voice: MAAT DAAAAMMOOOOON)
October 4: Gravity (Sandra Bullock? Ugh. But: Cuaron? Yes plz.)
November 1: Ender’s Game (Scriptwriter does not have a good pedigree. But I'm optimistic.)

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