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Two days ago I had a dream. I woke up and it was black outside. I was in my bedroom at the house I grew up in. I typed at my computer for a while, then unlocked my door and strode into the downstairs living room. The pink and yellow tile felt cold under my feet.

There was a cat there, all white with a black tail and pointy black ears, sitting in the middle of the table. It wasn't my cat, but I put my hand out and she pushed her head up into it, purring. As I moved my hand down her back she arched up along my arm, apparently very familar with me. This was a clever cat.

Then I looked up, over by the couch. There was a brown-haired woman sleeping there, on her side, curled up into a ball with the blanket twisted around her. That was the girl I had just been talking with, in real life, I remembered. Odd that she would show up in a dream of mine so immediately; usually it takes months of my knowing someone for them to make an appearance in my dreams. I looked down at the cat. "Who let you in?" I thought at it.

I walked upstairs and saw that the grille over the fireplace was turned aside. My cats were usually kept in separate rooms at night, so they didn't get into trouble. (Only in this dream, not in reality) But someone had let them all loose. Sasha was here, looking very wild and Russian with her huge thick paws together on the carpet. (In reality, Sasha has been dead for at least ten years.) She didn't seem to be bothered by the other cats. I decided to let them stay free for the night.

My younger sister was sleeping on a blue pad nearby, under many layers of blankets. Had she opened the fireplace grille? I couldn't tell. I walked back downstairs.

In some other part of the dream, later on, I was going on a road trip with the van. I'd parked outside a restaurant, and by some coincidence my first girlfriend was eating at the restaurant. She came out to see me, sitting in the van, with all my old furniture stacked around. We talked for a while and I thought to myself, "She's probably going to try and seduce me, but I know she'll hate herself for it if she does." I didn't care either way, in the dream.

She leaned forward on all fours and kissed me, then pushed me back and fell on top of me. We shed our clothing. Partway through the sex act, she apparently came to her senses and got up off me, but felt so ashamed at her overt display of desire that before the could get past the sliding door, she vomited all over the plastic step. She wiped her mouth, apologized, got to her feet, hitched up her pants, and ran away.

"Well, I knew she would be embarrassed. Why did I let that happen?" I asked myself. I cleaned up the car, vaulted into the driver's seat, and started the engine.

Those were my dreams yesterday. Today, I can't remember my dreams. It took me five hours of tossing in bed just to fall asleep. But when I woke up, I felt well rested.

I laid out by the pool at Ken's parents' house. I've been in a calm, almost serene mood all day, and at the same time, I've had this sensation as though my body was gathering up energy from the ether.
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