Garrett (garote) wrote,

Cross-Country Trip Day 9: Wed Aug 22

I knew I had to cover a lot of ground today, so I hopped right into the car with my leftovers and got rolling. I listened to more of "Wait: The Art And Science Of Delay", and occasionally made notes on my phone.

Did you know that the median number of books read per year, for US citizens, is six?

Did you know that the average American spends less than 20 minutes a day reading? That includes all reading, such as magazines, warning labels, and frozen pizza instructions.

I wonder if my audiobooks count towards that total...




As I passed from Kentucky to West Virginia to Maryland, I stopped and took photographs, lingering in the forests that crowded in along the smaller state highways.



It was great fun to have my thinking brain engaged by a non-fiction book, while my aesthetic brain framed photographs, and my body soaked up the sunlight, fresh air, and mild exercise of exploring. I took as many breaks as I could while still keeping to a schedule.







Sometime in the afternoon I finished the "Wait" book. It had been a very enjoyable read. The last note I made in my phone was:

"Difficulty lies not in finding new ideas, but in adequately escaping old ones."


Arrr! Wanna buy some insurance?

... But despite my schedule, I ran into the Washington DC traffic. Screwed up intersections, constant construction detours, aggressive drivers, nasty air... It was quite a change from the rest of the day. Nevertheless I battled my way into the center of the city and got a waaayyy overpriced motel room, putting me close to the metro system and the Smithsonian Institute buildings.
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