Garrett (garote) wrote,

Skyrimmin' Along

The scenery in this game is just stunning. As much as I loved playing Oblivion, the endless cut-and-paste rolling hills became a real drag after a while. Skyrim just doesn't have that problem. Everything is packed together, and packed with detail. Even Comedy Wolf seems to appreciate the variety ... between hijinks of course.

I really wish she wouldn't muck around in my book collection, though. Some of these were very hard to find.

This book, for example, was guarded by an ancient order of priests, who kept it sealed in a box at the bottom of a haunted crypt, in the side of a frozen mountain. I asked very politely, but they wouldn't let me borrow it, so of course I had to chop up all fifteen of them. And empty their pockets. And loot the box behind the altar.

Actually I only wanted the book so I could bring it to a big important mage. He glanced at it for a few seconds, and then handed it back to me, mission accomplished. Oh well. I wonder if graffiti from an ethereal wolf hurts the resale value?

Meanwhile, I'm gaining experience levels, so the critters are getting nastier. With attitudes to match.

I hit a milestone with heavy armor, though. Now it doesn't degrade my spellcasting ability. So I can hurl magic fire at everything! Whoooooo!

This is good, because sometimes the undead can be very rude.

The living are not so rude. I think my reputation for chopping their heads off has had the desired effect. I even get better prices at shops now!

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