Garrett (garote) wrote,

More adventures with C.W.

That crazy wolf just keeps causing trouble. But there are a few things that even she will not try, such as taking a bite from the hide-bound sacks of mammoth cheese that the giants prepare out in the wilderness.

It restores your health, and has a few other minor beneficial effects. The presentation is also rather ... unique ... though that doesn't stop you from anticipating it when you open random containers, looking for treasure.

Speaking of containers, it's important to keep practicing one's lockpicking skills. That's why I snuck around the Dwemer Artifact Museum, in Understone Keep, and opened all the display cases. So far the guards that patrol the room have not altered their paths one inch.

It sounds like something Comedy Wolf would dare me to do, but really, I'm causing plenty of chaos of my own.

The game tracks which weapon I use the most, and by a wide margin, it is:

Comedy Wolf also has a weapon of choice: Bad jokes.

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