Garrett (garote) wrote,

What makes a really good RPG sidekick?

It didn't take long for the wolf to find a name.

I summon Comedy Wolf whenever possible. The less appropriate the location, the more the fun. Her approach to life is, "cause the most chaos in the shortest possible time," which makes sense because if something knocks her into the next world, she can get re-summoned back into this one a few seconds later.

Her cavalier relationship with death has given her a lot of attitude, but at heart, she just loves to play.

This brings up an interesting point. What makes for a really good sidekick in a RPG? Someone who helps you a lot? A character with an interesting personality? A pet you can look after or train?

I propose that the best sidekick you can have is one who is hell-bent on keeping things interesting, even if that means getting you into trouble. Kind of like Floyd, the robot in Planetfall. Because if things stop being interesting, the game has failed.

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