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I'm trying to decide what to focus on in the next couple years of my life.

Plan A: Educational focus. Save up a chunk of money, move to San Jose, Sacramento, or Santa Cruz, continue taking classes and focus on finishing my college degree (not that it will be of ANY additional value to me at this point). Rent an apartment. Get a decent job that doesn't wreck my studies. Use college as a social outlet. Learn swing dancing.

Plan B: Financial focus. Take my chunk of money and invest in property somewhere, most likely Sacramento. Have a weekend barbecue with my pal Android. Work full-time, spruce up the house, turn my chunk of money into a pile of money. Don't bother with the college degree. Socialize amongst the friends I've got.

Plan C: Musical focus. Take my chunk of money and invest in property somewhere, most likely Sacramento. Split the house payment and floor-plan up with one or two other people who also have musical inclinations. Pad one room into a recording room. Work part-time. Combine resources to build, buy, code, and network our musical equipment. When someone wants to move out, we renegotiate the house loan, and they take off with whatever they invested.

Plan D: Travel focus. Loan out or store most of my bulky equipment, up to and possibly including my car. Drop my money into savings. Join the Peace Corps for a few years and attempt to assuage my guilty consumerist conscience while putting in work hours doing stuff I can feel good about. Lay foundations, chop wood, teach minor computer skills to foreign students. Do a lot of reading and writing in my spare time.

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