Garrett (garote) wrote,

From a random email to Skot

Have you ever stopped what you were doing, and concentrated on the "now" of your existence? Focused really hard on what you were hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling? Just tried to immerse yourself in "being", and expand your consciousness of it to encompass all the stimuli coming in and going out? It's like feeling a shadow - it's the tip of a much more intense experience, like hearing thunder a long ways off and trying to feel rain.

Go outside and run up and down the street a bit, until you are breathing hard and your legs are tired, and then stop. Stand right there and focus, really hard, on the blood that must be flowing through your veins. On the oxygen that must be pouring through your lungs. On all the marvelous activity within you. Feel yourself as a roaring fire at odds with the coldness of disassociation. Jump, run, dance, and when you're tired and begin to sweat, jump higher and run faster, because this is living, and everything else you know only rides on top of it.
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