Garrett (garote) wrote,

Techie Mixes 1 and 2, from 1997

I put these together just as I was going nuts for Bjork and Meat Beat Manifesto, back in 1997. I ripped the tracks from CDs, made various edits and squished them together in CoolEdit Pro 2.1, and then burned them back onto CDs for heavy rotation in the 5-disc carousel as I hacked and slashed away. No iPods back then of course. MP3s were just barely gaining traction.

Three of the tracks in these mixes are early compositions by my friend Zach, when he was a music major at UC Davis. 15 years later they still feel fresh to my ear, like I'd encounter them as backing to some YouTube cartoon show. Well done Zach!

One track is a live recording done at Jack's house in Santa Cruz, when he threw a dinner party and decided to amuse us with his mandolin skills and deadpan profanity.

One track is also Zach and Jack collaborating with a drum machine to cover the song "Barbie And The Rockers". An instant classic ... if you define "classic" like, say, The Cartoon Network defines it.

Looking back, I find that the mixes as a whole suffer from a poor sense of pacing, due to the Meat Beat Manifesto tracks, which are all way too long but which I was obsessed with at the time. The transitions in tone are all pretty good though.

- Mix number 1, in lossless format -

Tracklist for Mix 1:
  1. Talula (Excerpts From Two Mixes) - Tori Amos
  2. Set Your Receivers - Meat Beat Manifesto
  3. Seibolds Theme - Zach Archer
  4. Mad Bomber/The Woods - Meat Beat Manifesto
  5. Nuclear Bomb - Meat Beat Manifesto
  6. Asbestos Lead Asbestos - Meat Beat Manifesto
  7. The Cheese Level - Zach Archer
  8. The Utterer - Meat Beat Manifesto
  9. Duende - Delerium
  10. Sub Unit One - Haujobb
  11. We Have Explosive (Remix) - The Future Sound of London
  12. One of Us - Niko
  13. Peace on Earth - Niko
  14. Hyperballad (Towa Tei Mix) - Bjork
  15. Dick In My Butt - Jack
  16. Love - Niko
  17. The Elephant - Niko
  18. Barbie and the Rockers - Zach and Jack
- Mix number 2, in lossless format -

Tracklist for Mix 2:
  1. Possibly Maybe (LFO Mix) - Bjork
  2. Stereophrenic - Meat Beat Manifesto
  3. You In My Life (x2) - Zach Archer
  4. Enjoy (Outcast Remix) - Bjork
  5. Simulacra - Meat Beat Manifesto
  6. Silence - Delerium
  7. Solitudes (Heavily filtered and edited) - Dan Gibson
  8. Clipper - Autechre
  9. Ghost Town - Might and Magic VII OST
  10. Domino - Pizzicato Five
  11. The Cage Complex (Excerpt) - Haujobb
  12. Rotorblade - Juno Reactor
  13. Barrow Grounds - Might and Magic VII OST
  14. Zoolok 2 (Excerpt) - Jean Michel Jarre
  15. Trigger 2 (Anatomy of a Shot) - Front 242
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