Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 27 - North Manchester to Auburn

As soon as I sat down at the table, downstairs in the Bed and Breakfast, a kid of about nine years old strode up to the end of the table and said, "Okay. It's my job to be the entertainment for the guests, so I guess I'll just get right down to it. This is a lego rocket ship I made." He plonked a plastic doodad about the size of a sandwich on the table. "Here's where the pilot sits; you can see the hatch opens and closes. I needed some lights, and this was the only spot I could find, so here's a red one, and a blue one..." I was charmed! But before I could have a real conversation, his momma called him back into the kitchen.

One plate of scrambled eggs later, I settled my bill and was on my way north out of town. The weather was even warmer than yesterday.

"Snuff" kept me happily occupied as I pedaled along and took pictures of neat things. The whole subplot with Vimes' son learning about animal poop was hilarious!

Check out this awesome use of roofing tiles:

Interesting ideas about zoning here. This is a big ol' graveyard acting as the front lawn of a high school.

Check out this sign!

I love the little sailor hat! I looked all around as I rode through but didn't catch any turtles out.

And the last picture for today, taken just as I was finishing up "Snuff":

I could have taken a more direct route to Auburn, but I just had to make a special detour to catch that road sign! It would have been funny to make a journal entry titled "Garrett relaxing in Garrett", but there were no motels in the town. Bah!

Plenty to choose from in Auburn, though. I checked in just in time to catch dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then, WHACK! The sleepies got me.
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