Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 15 - Staycation in Cameron

When I woke up after ten hours, I observed that my front tire was flat. It hadn't been when I rolled the bike into the room, so it must be a slow leak. Time to see what caused it...


I detached the wheel and cleaned it off, then used the tire levers to remove the tire and tube. I drew out the tube and disposed of it, then ran my fingers slowly along the interior of the tire, looking for any sharpness. Oho, look at this! An ugly thorn punched clear through the kevlar.


As I did the repairs, I had a long, introspective talk on speakerphone with Erika. It was nice to reconnect, and to work further through some of the myriad things that were distilling in my brain as I rode along.

I only left the warmth of the motel room to walk across the highway and eat at the local restaurant. Other than that, I monkeyed with pictures, surfed the web, and watched episodes of The Daily Show all day! Quite restful.

I have a lot of riding to do if I'm to stay on schedule. The good news is, the weather outlook has changed and now I'm promised two days of sun. Thank goodness!
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