Garrett (garote) wrote,

Day 3 - Ulysses

Crossed over into Kansas today!

First state line!

Also, I saw some snakies sunning themselves on the shoulder, all squiggled up, and they darted away as I approached! I soooo wanted to pick them up and wave them around, but they were too quick.

Today I spent almost the entire ride listening to a riveting book called Methland. By turns fascinating, horrifying, and exciting, and it changed my perception of the territory I was passing through.

Closeup of a highwayIMG_9130IMG_9134IMG_9138IMG_9139IMG_9144IMG_9148IMG_9152IMG_9154IMG_9158IMG_9162IMG_9170IMG_9171IMG_9173IMG_9176

Now I am holed up in a rather nice hotel. It's pricey - more than double what I paid yesterday - but on the other hand, I have a private bathroom and the walls don't reek of cigarette ash.

Today's totals: 74 miles, mostly into a despicable headwind, and supposedly 4000 calories burned. Nevertheless I didn't feel particularly hungry when I got into town.
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