Garrett (garote) wrote,

Seraphim Falls Soundtrack (UST)

Seraphim Falls sat in my queue to be watched for two years. Then it got released on Blu-Ray, so I decided it was time to give it a shot.

It was better than I expected. Also darker, less complicated, and more grisly than I expected. Unfortunately all the ways it was interesting were ways that it strayed from the Hollywood formula, and consequently it only made about a quarter of its money back upon release.

It was also, I think, misunderstood by critics. One wrote, "as an anti-war statement, a call to lay down arms that's clearly intended to be relevant today, it's a bit too clunky in its literalism." I don't know what that critic was smoking. I saw no anti-war statement, intentional or otherwise.

The lesson I saw was more personal. When an incident occurs that takes away everything you care about, or challenges everything you are - that is when then the urge to seek justice or revenge is the most destructive, because there is nothing in place to turn to when you finish. Rather than face that, you will be tempted to escalate your pursuit forever.

Anyway, since the film did so badly, a soundtrack was never released, which is a shame. It's atmospheric and creepy. With the Blu-Ray DTS 5.1 mix in hand, I decided to do something about that.

Seraphim Falls Unofficial Soundtrack

This large download contains almost every scrap of incidental music from the film, with a few pieces of dialogue left in for flavor. You'll probably only want to keep half of them, with your particular choices depending on whether you want a playlist that tells a story, one that keeps atmospheric sound effects, or one that is strictly music.

My favorite tracks are "Distant Riders", "Desert Edge", "Curative" and "Themes II".

Oh also: Some of you may be looking for the knife used in the movie, and pictured above.
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