November 22nd, 2009


Halloween DnB Mix

A few months ago I got into Drum'n'Bass in a big way. Then I found some long-form mixes by an online DJ named "Strepsil", and liked those very much. Then I saw the movie "Trick'r'Treat", and it all collided in my head and I decided to do a long-form Halloween-themed Drum'n'Bass mix. It's 70 minutes long.

Well, Halloween is more of a motif here really ... There is almost no halloween "themed" dnb. But I did my best. :)

AAC version, weighing in around 130MB: Halloween_DnB_Mix-AAC.m4a
Lossless version for you purists, at about 450MB: Halloween_DnB_Mix.m4a (dnb does not compress well)

The full tracklist is embedded in the "lyrics" tag of the file. It's also posted below.

Sometimes people like to listen to mixes without knowing what's coming up next, so they can be surprised. I dig that. I've posted the tracklist at the following link, so you don't see it accidentally.


Technical notes:
  • I like my dnb rather fast and noisy, so the whole set is at 166 bpm.
  • All the songs involved in the mix are edited, some quite heavily.
  • Some of the intermission bits and sfx are from vinyl and mp3 sources, but all the music is from lossless digital sources.
  • This marks my first use of Ableton Live. My first impressions: It has excellent rhythm management and too few keyboard shortcuts.
  • Post-production was done over in Audition 3 on Vista.
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