September 18th, 2009


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Back in the 80's I made a spreadsheet in "AppleWorks" listing all the Apple][gs computer games I owned, and what I thought of them. I like how the use of exclamation points, the misspellings, and the word "RAD" date it perfectly to its era.

Name                   Type Com L C Rati Comments
Arkanoid II            AS   GS  B Y 7.5  Construction set needs more features.  
BattleChess            AS   GS  B Y 6    Put it on a RamDisk if you have enough 
Bubble Ghost           SA   GS  B Y 5.5  Nutty! (fun!)            
Deja Vi II             FRP  GS  B Y 6.5  Hard! IMpossible!        
Dungeon Master         FRP  GS  B Y 6    Slow! Acellerator card would help!     
Fantavision            G    GS  B Y 5    S L O W grafix!                        
Jigsaw!                S    GS  B Y 4    Lifeless, dull concept!                
Kings Quest IV         F    GS  B Y 7.5  Alright Roberta!                       
Mean 18                SS   GS  B N 6    The construction set is a nice feature 
Music Construction Set M    GS  B N 7    Niiice!                                
Shadowgate             FRP  GS  B Y 7    MMmmmm!                                
Test Drive II: The Due Driv GS  B N 6    Nice graphic effects. Annoying sounds! 
Tetris                 AS   GS  B Y 5    NOT addictive! Boring!                 
The Bards Tale         FRP  GS  B Y 6    -                                      
The Bards Tale II      FRP  GS  B Y 7    Rad graphics!                          
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