September 5th, 2009

hack hack

San Jose to Walnut Creek, visiting Mz K!

Rode 60 miles today from San Jose to Walnut Creek. The first 30 miles were into a constant headwind, which added almost two hours to my time.

As I was passing through Oakland, easing my way up a hill at about 6 miles per hour, some kid came running up behind me, then alongside me, asking "What time is it??" When he got close enough he reached over and tried to grab my phone out of the mount on my handlebars. What he didn't realize is that the mount is molded specifically for the phone and very firmly attaches it to the bike, so he just ended up yanking on my handlebars, which does almost nothing on a recumbent because most of my body mass is over the spot where the handlebars connect to the frame.

I hit the brakes and stood up, with the bike leaning beneath me, and yelled, "WHAT THE [expletive] DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU STUPID [expletive]?"

He jumped back, up onto the curb, and cried "I'm just trying to find out what time it is!" Then he just stood there, looking out into the street, as if he were waiting for a mob of angry bystanders to charge up and tackle him. Perhaps he was a bit stoned.

"Get the [expletive] away from me!" I yelled, and picked up my bike and walked it away from him, then got back on and rode quickly away.

On my way up through the hills east of Oakland, I was biking slowly around a curve when I spotted a small dark object on the shoulder. I circled back and picked it up. It was a smashed Blackberry. This model, I think. Someone had become so frustrated with their Blackberry that they'd pitched it into the road, where it had presumably been run over a few times before making it to the side. Maybe the owner was getting revenge on the damn thing after switching over to an iPhone.

I turned it over and noticed it still had a 256MB media card embedded in it.

Days later I would extract the data and find nothing but a really, really poor quality video of a guy attempting vertical pushups in an office, and a cascade of pictures taken in the same office, including this one:

So hey Mr GABE JACQUEZ, how ya doing. That Blackberry sure sucked, didn't it?

Man, I had no idea the Blackberry shot such terrible video.