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Peeks, Pokes, and Pointers

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Thursday, April 30th, 2009
2:44a - Current State Of My Bike Trip Checklist

    Bike improvement
  • Raise bike handlebars by a few inches Done - But the extender raised the bars too damn high. Now the bike rides way wrong.
  • Chop pieces off handlebar spacer at Tech Shop (Get help from Matt?) Hopefully this will fix the problem
  • Rain fenders Not sure if I want these yet. Where I'm going, rain is highly unlikely.
  • Abrade a notch in the left pedal arm for the cadence sensor
  • Get a decent hippie-weave long-sleeve thermal underwear waffle shirt Done - La found me two at Old Navy just before they discontinued the design.
  • Rain coat or whatnot Again, not sure if I want these.
  • USB hangable fan
  • Get a better seat Underway - I've already gone through two seats and am still monkeying with seat-post adjustments
  • Get a seat-post that has an adjustable tilt axis.
  • USB hangable flashlight
  • Balaklava
  • Second water bottle Done
  • Second bottle holder Underway - La says I can have hers
  • Regease chain Done - Replaced chain as part of gearset upgrade
  • Add small pockets from Ortleib onto bags
  • National park pass
  • Passportamerica.com membership
  • Add songs to cycling playlist (NIN song, Solar Fields song) Underway

  • Bike shorts - 2 pairs Done
  • Helmet Done
  • Helmet-mountable lamp
  • Long-sleeve shirts - Two Done
  • Luggage strap for rear rack Done
  • Second luggage strap for rear rack
  • Rain-proof pants Probably not taking these
  • Small backpack Done
  • Ski gloves Done - Essential even in mildly cold weather, when evening falls
  • Socks - 4 pairs Done
  • Sunglasses Done
  • Sweater - Lightweight Done - Bulky but very light. Quite warm. Can be put on without removing helmet
  • T-Shirts - Two Done
  • Underwear - 6 pairs Done - Clean underwear is a MUST.

  • Battery pack Underway
  • Cadence Sensor Done
  • Cadence Sensor Batteries Done
  • Camera Still debating what to get, here. Leaning towards the Sony Alpha 700
  • Camera Battery
  • Camera Battery Charger Cradle
  • Camera lens cover
  • Camera media card
  • Camera media card reader Done
  • USB Mini cable Done
  • GPS charging mount Done
  • GPS unit Done
  • Headphones Done
  • iPhone Done
  • iPhone mic wire Done
  • iPhone USB connector cable Done
  • MacBook adapter Done
  • MacBook Air Done

    Repair Kit
  • Chain master links
  • Chain oil Done
  • Emergency spoke Done
  • Spoke wrench Done
  • Rear Cassette removal adapter Done - Useful for remote repair in towns without a bike shop.
  • Eyelet bolts Done
  • Hex wrenches Done
  • Pocketknife Done
  • Spare tire tube Done
  • Tire levers Done
  • Tire Pump Done
  • Zipties - various sizes Done - Can come in handy for emergency rack repairs.
  • Spare brake pads

  • Mirror - Small and Portable Done
  • Rope - Thin, for hanging clothes
  • Safety Razor Done
  • Sleeping bag Underway - Big Agnes "Summer Park" bag, enroute in the mail
  • Sleeping mattress Done - Ortleib self-inflating pad, extra wide
  • Soap Done
  • Tent Done - Vauge Hogan XT, fits two, with a vestibule area for bike crud.
  • Tent tarp
  • Toilet paper in a baggie Done - Don't leave home without it!!
  • Toothbrush Done
  • Towel - medium size Done
  • Washcloth Done
  • Wallet - Cash, ID, credit card, change for showers Done

  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Produce! (Spinach, Broccoli, etc)
  • Water sack Done - This thing is going to save my metaphorical bacon, I just know it.
  • Oil and iron supplements Done - La found a liquid iron supplement that is quite delicious!
  • Various other foods TBD Underway

    Bike USB Charger/Generator Project
  • Get a resistor for the second regulator to set it for 4.5v
  • Wire the second regulator to the board
  • Add a second plug for a head-mounted lamp
  • Splice a Macbook Air adapter and test charging voltages
  • Learn enough CAD to draft an enclosure Done - Solidworks kicks ass
  • Come up with an enclosure design that isn't shitty Done - Two-piece interlocking design with batteries in one half and board and switches in the other half.
  • Draft the design Underway
  • Cut it into printable components
  • Convert the design to STL and email it to TechShop for review
  • Get a TechShop membership
  • Use the 3D printer to draft-print pieces for measurement testing
  • Cut and extend the wiring of the three LEDs on the TuneCharger board
  • Affix a heatsink to the TuneCharger coil to diffuse heat over the battery walls
  • Splice the plug wire of the bike light assembly so it can plug into the battery pack
  • Get some cloth compression straps for the anchor slots on the enclosure
  • Screw the switches, sockets, and LEDs into the enclosure, and seal them
  • Ride and test charging rates

    Bike computer setup (Of COURSE I have a section just for this. I'm a nerd.)
  • Annotated itinerary Underway
  • Add to google route map Underway
  • Cover MacBook air with stickers to make it look ugly
  • Install and register Ascent Underway - Not registered yet.
  • GPS utility to cross-index photos
  • Speech recognition software Underway - MacSpeech copied up, but not installed yet.
  • Script to auto-process speech files
  • Map caching app on iPhone
  • Configure iTunes with books and music Underway
  • Put iPhone apps on macbook air Done
  • Confirm that tethering works
  • Assemble a movie-and-sound posting package for the iPhone Not sure how complicated this is going to be.

    Bike Training Trips To Test Camping Gear (Can't start these because my camping gear is imcomplete.)
  • Bike to work, bike home, and camp in the back yard. Then get up, shower, and bike to work again.
  • Starting from work, bike home, then camp in the back yard. Get up, shower, and bike to the Tech Shop in Menlo Park. Then bike home again.
  • Starting in San Francisco, bike across the Golden Gate Bridge to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, camp, then bike back across the bridge.
  • Starting in Carmel, bike south on Highway 1 to the Andrew Molera State Park, camp, then ride back to Carmel. (DANGEROUS)
  • Starting from work on a weekend morning, bike to Sam McDonald County Park via Alpine Road (over the mountains), camp, then bike to the coast along Pescadero Creek Rd and turn south for as long as I can.
  • Starting at the reservoir, bike up to Skyline Blvd and across to the Nisene Marks back entrance. Continue through that to Santa Cruz.
  • A long excursion with Captain Zog
  • Bike to Bandon, Oregon from Pop's house

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