April 3rd, 2009


Ten Years Ago:

Me: "People who get depressed have always been far more interesting to me than people who don't. They just see more."

Chaz: "If I was in a generalizing mood, I would say that depression is a side-product of thinking."

Me: "LOL. There's a little paranoid android in all of us."


Me: "Carolyn's physics teacher was overheard talking with a colleage, saying that people would be able to understand chaos theory better if they took psychedelic drugs."

Chaz: "HAH! I doubt the fuck out of that."

Me: "I can visualize you doubting the fuck out of something. It's pretty funny."

Chaz: "Some people who use substances claim that there is some sort of cosmic knowledge that they're able to tap into when they're under the influence... LSD inspires this notion, and some pot smokers seem to believe this as well... And then you see them in action in person, and they're all gangly and lethargic with distant looks in their eyes and slurred speech, and you think, 'Shit, their lifestyle is as ridiculous as joining a cult.' "

Me: "Well, you don't need drugs to be a dumbass either... This woman in my autobiography class introduced herself on the first day as a 'hindu pagan witch'. She shared a recent writing about a nephew who was murdered in an argument, and about how she knew he was going to die because his lifeline extended to only 25 years on his palm. Also, she showed him, when he was a kid, how to go out into the backyard and 'sink his mind into the tree' and 'feel it growing'. I had to restrain myself from laughing as she read it. I tried to remain positive, and told her it was an interesting anecdote, about the communion with the maple tree. She gave a start and said "how did you know it was a maple tree?" I paused for effect before I reminded her that she had declared it as such in her own story. Great. A mind that forgets half of what it did and then attributes the rediscovery of such order as a psychic manifestation. If I knew I was saddled with that mind, every day I woke up, I would just knock myself out with a bat."