April 2nd, 2009


Cultural analysis TIME CHALLENGE

Garote: "Explore the sociological and cultural underpinnings of the humor carried in the statement 'Also, I want a pony!' You have one minute! CAN YOU MEET THE CHALLENGE?"

[ cue kung-fu master music ]

Mike: "Based on the ages-old idea that the pony is the ultimate gift for a young girl, the term "also, I want a pony" has been used in recent times to convey the absurdity of a wishlist of any sort. The phrase is tacked on to the end of a statement to show the known unlikely outcome of the request. The phrase has been popularized to mock politicians who make absurd requests, typically by late-night comedians running a clip of the politician speaking."

[ kung-fu victory music ]

Garote: "Well analyzed, sir"

Mike: [bow and kung fu chop!]