February 11th, 2009

conan pc

Your Linkspam For The Day

Earlier today I opened many browser tabs while eating a taco salad, and closed them one by one until the taco salad was gone. These links were left:

Video of a siphonophore, a deep-sea "superorganism".

A chandelier made out of Gummi Bears ... don't stand under it in hot weather.

A monument of the shoe thrown at George Bush during his final foreign press conference. It was erected at an Iraqi orphanage. Or perhaps this is a monument to having-too-much-free-time.

A 17,000 pin depiction of Super Mario III. Another monument to having-too-much-free-time.

An iPhone app that was definitely not approved by the Apple review board. ...But you can just bet, if the board ever does approve it, it will make the author ten thousand dollars or more in the first month.