February 1st, 2009


Drat, wish I'd found this earlier

Three months ago a pair of bicycle tourers passed through San Jose on their way down from Alaska. They've been bicycling around the world perpetually since 2002, and no, they're not independently wealthy, they're just frugal and determined. It would have been great to take a photo with them, make a donation, and barrage them with questions. Oh well.

I spent the day today studying up on bike hardware. It looks like I'm going to have to become somewhat of a gearhead if I'm going to make a long trip comfortably.

The biggest problem I'd have is a sore butt. Even after only a couple of days, I found my current seat became uncomfortable. It has springs in the back but I think they're too stiff, and the gel in the seat feels good at first but makes my butt numb after a long time. This saddle is supposedly the most comfortable an "older man" such as myself could get, assuming I broke it in properly. More reading to do...

Also, the last couple of trips have revealed that there is something wrong between my seat, handlebars, and pedals, that results in soreness in my wrists. Depending on how I adjust the seat, I am either unable to fully extend my legs or I'm leaning way too far down over the handlebars. I think I'm going to have to get a shim of some kind and raise the handlebars by three or four inches, otherwise my knees will suffer. So far, none of the bike stores I've gone to have had the right part.