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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008
11:15p - Too-Short San Francisco Ride
My original intention with this ride was to cross the Golden Gate by bike, fart around on the north side of the bay, and cross back over... But I got a late start, and then wasted too much time hanging around in the park. By the time I arrived at the bridge it had been dark for quite a while, so I ended the day's riding there.

I also underestimated the hills. Not the hills in the city - those were exactly what I expected - but the hills north of the park, which went up and down like the waves in a storm over deep ocean, forcing me to take many breaks. I hadn't seen those hills on the 3D map when I was planning the route.

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After ten zillion hills and an unplanned ride through a golf course, I made it to the cusp of the Golden Gate Bridge. But it was way too late, of course, and the bridge was closed to cyclists. Oh well, next time perhaps. Next time when I get a decent "granny gear".

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