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Saturday, September 20th, 2008
9:53p - Training Day 8: Lost In The Woods
(This actually happened almost two weeks ago, but it took me this long to find the time to write it up.)

This trip was too much to handle.  I went about 47 miles and burned almost 2400 calories according to the Mac, and had to call Pit Crew La and ask for a pickup between Felton and Ben Lomond, almost ten miles away from my goal of Santa Cruz.  I took some downright stupid risks and made some inexcusable mistakes...  And I clearly haven't learned my lesson, because if I'd known I would get out of it alive, I would have done it anyway.

I left from Cupertino at around 3:00pm last Sunday, fortified with 10 hours of sleep and a huge meal in me from the night before.  I still didn't have the advanced battery pack built for my bicycle, but I was tired of waiting for the parts to arrive and didn't want it to stop me from riding.

The Risk: Leaving late in the day can make you rush to meet your deadlines.  Rushing on a bike ride is bad.
The Solution:  Leave earlier, duh.

I pedaled north from Apple in high spirits, then turned left on Homestead Road, with only light traffic.  The city biking was uneventful until I passed down a side street and saw this sign:

Click for the rest...Collapse )

Quite an adventure. And clearly I have a lot to learn about trip preparedness.

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