December 22nd, 2001


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Amazing. I just expired the "usage limit" on my news server. I guess that's what I get for streaming three gigabytes of Rowan Atkinson onto the drive overnight.

Wishing a Merry Christmas to you all, and yadda yadda, but even so, man am I irritated right now. Once again I have been saddled with familial resentment because I am unable to attend an event that I was never consulted in the planning of -- nor informed of until a few days ago. A holiday visit between my mother and my sisters today has suddenly become a full-on "This Is Christmas, Dammit!" event, replete with ceremonial present-opening and tree dancing, and because I refuse to disrupt intricate plans even further to accomodate it, I am being Mr. Green Grinch.

Tonight and Monday I'm going to drive seven hundred miles in order to have Christmas with my extended relatives up North, as planned. 140 miles up to and through LA, 370 miles from LA to Santa Cruz, 100 miles from Santa Cruz to Sunol, and another 100 miles from Sunol to Berkeley. After that I begin another driving marathon (Santa Cruz, Sunol, Sacramento, Reno) that will take me up through Oregon (Roseburg, Portland), into Washington (Seattle), and eventually back down to Carlsbad. ... somewhere between two and three thousand miles total. I'm not going to be in "two places at once" this Christmas, I'm going to be in TEN places at once.

But we all know from experience that attempting to please everyone ends up satisfying no-one. Let the dissatisfaction begin.
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