December 18th, 2001


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Gnahahaa!! So, I have, like, ten yards of serial cables in this plastic box. Wide cables, thin cables, grey ones, brown ones ... all kinds of little connecters on the ends. A few screwy null modems. Five gender-changers. I've lugged them from place to place, swearing that "I'll use them some day! Oh yes! Far in the future I'll desperately need a serial cable, and this box will save me! Wouldn't I feel like a cheesehead if I threw it away?"

Pbbtt. Well that day has come. I networked my Apple IIgs to my PC, through the wall, with a frankenstein assembly of parts. In a few hours I had a dozen disk-images on the PC, and had thrown TEN POUNDS of 5.25 media into the garbage can.

FREE AT LAST from the BAGGAGE OF OLD MEDIA. I think I'm going to toss the extra serial cables, too. On the way I recovered some real gems from the early 90's, my early days of programming. Here's the victory screen from a particularly sarcastic game my friend was working on:

And here's the victory screen from what appears to be a parody of every D&D-based game ever written for the Apple ][:

Well, the birthday dinner is over. I ate as much cake as I could, though I wasn't feeling my best. I was fatigued all day, and would have actually been happy just coming home and falling into bed. But hey, five people made a great Caesar Salad dinner for me! Couldn't snub them.

Got tickets for Lord of the Rings, 8pm, Wednesday. Sweeeeet.

Also opened the box for the third USB controller today. Had three people playing Gauntlet II. Total old-skool video game action. I'VE NOT SEEN SUCH BRAVERY.
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