December 17th, 2001



I just made a CAT remix! It's alllmmost done. When I'm in Sacramento before the new year, I'll have to find some way to get it to Ben. I would have done more work on it, but I accidentally wasted an hour playing Gauntlet II.

It's wacky. I destroyed a sample from the Lil' Bunnies, and plundered a few noise bits from the Free Death archive. My studio, it cranks the noise. It is a hot hot factory of reverb and pitchbend. HOT HOT HOT !!#%($*!#

Er. Actually it's chilly in here. I seek bananas.

Birthday tomorrow! Oh wait. Today!!
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    CAT - Dying Morality (Indoctrination Mix)


So I was driving to work today, brooding about various things, and I noticed this irritating little critter in the back of my head, whispering: "What if it was a mistake, breaking up with your ex? What if that was the best you'll ever do, and it's all downhill from here?"

I kicked that critter out the window. The last words I heard it scream as it yoinged off the windshield of a Ford Explorer were "I'll be back!! Aaaaarrgh..."

Yeah, it'll be back. It doesn't help. It's pushing me to hurry up in a place where I should really be cautious.
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