January 9th, 2001


Just another day in the life

I discuss trading my computer for some furniture with Marge. She seems to have enjoyed her vacation - all tan and more fit.

I walk to the ATM but it's out of deposit envelopes, so instead I drive across town to deposit my check. This pisses me off, but eventually Thai food is mine.

I play a couple rounds of Starcraft with Kurt, and do some more work on the Dry Creek conversion. I get a message about poi from Colleen. Poi are tethered weights that you swing around in elaborate patterns as part of a dance or for exercise.

I drive down to the parking lot behind the Asian Rose and walk through the eating area to the square near the clock tower. Colleen is there, wearing a black leather miniskirt and black fishnet stockings, under some high black leather heels with strange buckled tongues up the front of them, almost like shinguards. Quite interesting. She is swinging poi in enthusiastic arcs. It looks like quite a workout.

Her boyfriend is hovering nearby, and he acts very concerned every time she hits herself with a poi and makes her patented Colleen "squeak" noise. There is such a thing as being too chivalrous, man. But he's a nice guy.

Colleen shows me some cool moves on the poi. Henry and I do the butterfly move very fast, because it looks cool. We all discuss how to make it more accurate.

I drop Henry off at the Kresge lot. I knock on the Kurt/Cassi dorm but nobody is there. The lights are off in the Mike/Xine place. I go for the third-string location, and knock on the Milo/Liz apartment. Milo greets me and grabs me inside.

I meet his two new nerdy roommates, and approve of them. He opens the other bedroom door and Liz is there. The three of us sit around and discuss the upcoming birthday party. I notice some very cool art on the walls, and whistle appreciatively at Liz's new boots - 20-eyelet black leather platforms, excellent for a Goth outing.

I show Milo and Liz the scrapbook, and then the Braindead Monkeys web page. We move into Milo's room and sit on his bed, since Liz's roommate wants to sleep. Milo downloads the mp3s, and we all have a good laugh. "Don't Save This" gets the most noise, and they enjoy all three video game covers. I scratch Liz's back a bit when she complains of soreness.

Milo's roommates want to sleep, so we assemble the puzzle in the front room. Milo and Liz talk about their horrible frat roommates from last quarter, and the mess they left, and the trials of living with people who never clean.

I observe that all the fish in one completed region of the puzzle are exactly the same, right down to the light on the scales. Digital cloning has made this puzzle even more annoying.

Liz goes on a tirade about how the bathroom was never cleaned. Milo tells us about the pain in his head, caused by the irritation of the spigot that has been embedded in his skull since childhood. I snack on a few chocolate pecan cookies and then their mealy taste hits me, and I decide to put the lid on the container.

We all hunt for a single piece to occupy a certain gap, occupying our hands and eyes while we rant about evil housemates. Eventually the well of conversation runs dry. When we're running on bad puns and sarcasm, I get up and declare "Fuck this puzzle!" and sit down in the living room.

Milo and Liz decide they're had enough too. I get up and put my jacket on, preparing to leave. Liz thanks me for coming and then walks up to give me a nice tight hug. She has my full and complete attention as I feel her huge braless breasts crush into my chest.

I decide to tuck my shirt in before putting on my coat, and notice Liz examining my crotch. Pretty unsubtle flirtation. I'm sure she gets plenty of coverage from her boyfriend, but it's quite apparent she's still curious. I shake hands with Milo and walk down to the van, noticing that there are no lights on in the Kurt/Cassi apartment. They must be asleep by now I guess. I pause to piss into the woods, wrap my coat securely, and ease into the drivers' seat of the van.

The drive home is meditative and misty. Zog's sonar tape bleeps at me over the engine noise.