Garrett (garote) wrote,

What Happened On My Birthday


(Period 6, English, 9/25/89)

In the month of my birthday, December of 1975, many good things happened. Unfortunately, many bad things happened too. Many of them are controversal issues.
On December 3rd, an article appeared in the paper entitled "Research Finds Daily Diet Causes Cancer", having to do with new evidence reported that such things as animal fat, alchohol, and Vitamin A & C deficiencies can cause many types of cancer.
December 7, ten days before my birth, two things of importance happened. President Ford completed his tour of China, and the Cubans, using Russian arms, began to win the war towards the liberation of Angola.
On December 10, Andrei Sakharov was awarded the nobel peace prize and a check for $143,000. Unfortunately, he wasn't there to accept it, so his wife did it for him.
Most of that was news. But then again, most of this is news too:
December 17th, the very day I was born, the two women trying to assasinate President Ford were convicted. Well! There's some good news, finally! I knew there was something in this month other than cancer and war!
Unfortunately, what follows is all bad news, so you might as well stop reading this essay!
On December 23rd, the pro-Palestinian terrorists who broke into OPEC headquarters released their hostages, but eight were injured and two were dead by that time.
On the 30th of December, a bomb planted in a luggage bag at New York's LaGuardia Airport exploded, killing 14 and wounding 70. It was closed until late at night the next day, when the fire had been put out and the scene inspected.
All those terrible things happened the month of December, 1975. But at least one good thing happened. I was born!!!
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