Garrett (garote) wrote,

Arthur C Clarke round 2

This batch was not, on balance, as gripping as the first batch. But I'm still game for more.

The Awakening, 1942

He skips from before the beginning of an Orson Scott Card series to after the end. A decent bit of writing but you can't help feeling cheated by it.

Whacky, 1942

This could be a teaser for a beloved Douglas Adams series. Short, tangled, and kaleidoscopic. It doesn't even seem to have a narrative. And then, on further thought, that seems appropriate.

Loophole, 1946

Perfectly titled, and a nice twist of an ending. Arthur makes nice use of correspondence as a framing device. I'd comment on it further but I would spoil the surprise.

Inheritance, 1947

The pilot's daring escape was worth reading, and I would have rather ended the story with yet another daring escape, but instead Arthur went off on a supernatural tangent. Not my cup of tea.
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