Garrett (garote) wrote,

Arthur C Clarke round 1

Since I find myself riding the shuttle for nearly three hours every weekday, and since I am often too ill to do any real work, I've decided to listen to every short story Arthur C Clarke ever published. At first I was determined to go in order, but since then I've been skipping around.

Each story gets my mind working.

Travel By Wire!, 1937

Years ago I read a short story by Stephen King that now seems like a revisiting of this idea, but I can't remember the name of the story. In Travel By Wire, the scientists run a guinea pig through the teleport machine and it immediately dies of shock. In Stephen's story, people are sent through the machine sedated and asleep, so that they don't consciously experience the shock of traveling. Then, of course, one character defies the warning and goes through fully awake. Chaos ensues, et cetera.

Ah yes. It was called "The Jaunt".

How We Went To Mars, 1937

Cute, in a proto-steampunk sort of way. The first people to visit Mars are a bunch of doddering old British chappies who like to smoke and play cards. Why not!

Retreat From Earth, 1938

No wikipedia entry about this one. I'm not surprised, it's not nearly as fun as the previous two.
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