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Finally. The nightmare is over. At long last. After 20 straight hours of windows, linux, AND macintosh HELL, after roasting in device driver, file protection, hardware abstraction, protocol violation, and bad documentation HELL, I have not only managed to get my web server saving and recalling authenticated users based on directory, but I have made my iPod work with Windows.

I had to run out and purchase a different firewire card to do the latter. What an utter pain in the ass it was.
But hearing this device with the new firmware, it's almost worth it.

Some of you may recall that I bought an iPod earlier this year, and then returned it, because the firmware in it was so horrendously bad that it made my music unlistenable. The pauses between tracks were eternity. The menus were jerky. The sound was low-pass filtered somewhere in the 15Khz range, and cross-mixed for cheap "stereo expansion". Variable bitrate tracks skipped. Seconds would drop off the end of songs. iTunes would crash randomly. Playlists from WinAmp were useless. Probably worst of all, any file in mono, including all audiobooks, came out as screeching hiss.

All these problems have been eliminated.

Now if only they would allow me to store my music in customized folders, I'd be a happy camper.
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