Garrett (garote) wrote,

How to plan a bike trip, the short version

Go to the Bike Route Toaster to make a route that avoids major highways and seeks the path with the least elevation change.
  • Don't let your physical shape hold you back: You will get in shape as you go.
  • An elevation change of 1000 feet in less than five miles is the border between ridable and not ridable.
  • Budget for about 30 miles a day. That way, if you ride 50 miles in two days, you take the third day off.
  • On flat ground, count on about ten miles per hour. (This factors in all kinds of possible degradations - wind, potholes, rest breaks, photo stops.)
  • If you're riding "fully loaded", i.e. with camping supplies, and there's two of you, budget for about 50 bucks a day per person. (Again, that factors in many things.)
WIth that budget you can afford to feed yourselves well, stay in the occasional hotel, and indulge in some touristy things, like museum tours and ferry rides.
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