Garrett (garote) wrote,

Tori Mix Rebuild - Side A

Around 1997 I put this together on a cassette. It degraded over the years, with multiple plays. I then sampled the cassette into a file on my iPod. Now, I'm reconstructing it entirely in the digital realm, one side at a time, with slightly better edits, and an altered opening.

At the time, my philosophy for this mix was to provide adequate break time between the songs so that I could recover emotionally from the exhausting experience of singing along to them.

I've played this in the car many times alone, and, sometimes, with lovely people nearby. It's special to me.

Glenn Gould, J. S. Bach - Goldberg Variation #25. a 2 Clav. (Edited)
Tori Amos - Girl
Moby - Slight Return (From The Moby EP) (Edited)
Tori Amos - Precious Things
Front Line Assembly - There Going to Kill Us (Edited)
Tori Amos - Silent All These Years
Rhythm & Noise - A Filament in Strata
Tori Amos - Tear In Your Hand
Tori Amos - Doughnut Song
Tori Amos - Pretty Good Year
Trent Reznor - Quake Soundtrack - Waiting To Be Born (Edited)
Tori Amos - Muhammad My Friend

Also, here's a picture of Matt throwing lightning at me.

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