Garrett (garote) wrote,

Hanging Rock


Today, Celia gave me a ride up to Woodend, since she was headed that way anyway to help her friends Brad and Jane work on their new house. My first stop was at a local bakery, where I bought a "lemon slice" and a sandwich. Further up the street I found a fish and chips shop, and decided to sample their food.

It was pretty bad. All the items were pre-fried, and lacked that crisp quality only found in fresh frying. I think it's true what Celia's friends say: The farther you get from the coast, the lower the quality of the fish and chips.


My next destination was a local park called Hanging Rock.


On the way out, through gently sloping farmland. Plenty of sheep and cattle around.


Watch out for roo crossings!


Most of the way up Hanging Rock. You can see my beard is getting a little out of control!


Dammit, I blinked!


From the top of Hanging Rock, having a look 'round. I drank some water, took this photograph, then just rested, with my hands on my knees in front of me. I put on my bicycling gloves to keep the sunlight from roasting the backs of my hands. Sun protection, also, is SRS BSNS here in Australia. I've heard it said that the government has issued such stern warnings to citizens, against going out into the sun, that there has been a sharp rise in vitamin-D deficiency as a result. They've had to step up fortifying their foods.


House construction, temporarily suspended by the inclement weather.

This photo was taken on a bike path at the edge of a small park, and the wind picked up just then, and I had a terrible sneezing fit. Something in the air makes my sinuses go completely crazy for a short while. Don't know what.


Brad and Jane, taking a break from house restoration.
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