Garrett (garote) wrote,


Yesterday I had my doctor appointment... They attempted to take blood from my right arm, then switched to the left, and then jabbed me with FIVE different needles, two in one shoulder and three in the other, to get me the immunizations I needed for travel. I didn't feel soreness at first but I'm feeling it now!!

The doc said my symptoms could just be stress related, but they could also be indicative of Grave's Disease, especially given the lab results I had five months ago. I'll have better information sometime before next week, depending on how fast the lab turnaround is. Next week I have an appointment to get my thyroid gland ultrasounded, just in case.

After the doctor visit I felt a need to escape from the world so I drove the van to Big Basin and got a camping spot, and walked around in the light rain, enjoying the relative quiet of the forest. There is no cell coverage anywhere within the park, so I was a bit isolated, but that was just fine. I think I should do that sort of thing more often, in fact.
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