Garrett (garote) wrote,

Two questions

While drifting off to sleep last night I realized I should probably do some stock-taking. So I told myself I would make two lists. During my Bart and bus rides today I came up with the following:

What's important to you?

- Having a routine that I can use as a baseline that keeps me healthy
- Having a special person in my life to share things with
- Having a short pipeline of creative projects, and the resources to pursue them
- Access to good vegetables and outdoor space
- Sufficient private time to perform self-maintenence
- Having friends who like to do the same things I do, who are locally accessible. Friends who:
  • Enjoy collaborating on creative projects
  • Have enough common interests to all hang out together sometimes
  • Have some interest in travel or physical activity so we can go places together

Where do you want to be in six months?

- I want to be living on my own - or at least, primarily on my own, even if I find someone special to share space with.
- I want my savings account replenished, and zero credit card debt (on track to have this done by end of October).
- I want to be significantly progressed on my fitness goals.
- I want to know enough people that I can express every different mode of myself to some degree.
- I want to have a routine where I attend or host a dinner party every couple of weeks to eat and play games with like-minded friends. Bonus points if it involves singing songs.
- I want to have my living space fully organized - everything from the cat door to the art on the walls.
- I want a solid work routine where one day per week is a work-from-home day.  Alternate Mondays and Fridays would be ideal, so I can take four-day weekends every other week, and go on long outdoor trips.
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