Garrett (garote) wrote,

A thought

A modern global culture causes a short-circuiting of our group egalitarianism to the worldwide "group", making the return-on-investment of contributions to that group less predictable. This phenomenon makes humans seem like they are "accidentally" allowing a worldwide culture to exist, while they are actually evolved to be tribal.

Modern progressive thinkers are compelled to encourage this short-circuiting, because they are interested in building a conflict-free world. This is an admirable pursuit, but I suspect it is a pursuit without an achievable goal. Not for any lack of resources or ability, but because human happiness is at stake. Why? In brief, being a world-traveler is great, but as you grow older, you begin to favor the company of those who have shared experience with you - especially your own offspring.

And so, the meddling is most severe from those most able to conduct it: Well-heeled adults.
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