Garrett (garote) wrote,


When I lived for a while down in Carlsbad, renting a room from my Ma, I had very few possessions. Or at least, it felt like I did. The stuff I interacted with most days was a pile of gear small enough to fit in a backpack. I remember that felt oddly liberating.

Sure, it was an illusion... I had a big pile of laundry, a car, some fancy stereo speakers, a desk, a bed... But it all seemed manageable somehow. Or unimportant. Now I have three desks, and enough computer gear to cover all three. Two toolboxes, and enough tools to overflow both. Two bicycles, and enough gear to outfit both and overflow four closet shelves besides.

This trend has got to reverse itself. I need to thin out my hoard. I need to feel agile and uncluttered by gear. People are what's important to my happiness, after all.
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