Garrett (garote) wrote,


A while ago I was issued a sixty dollar ticket for not displaying my parking permit on a vehicle I'd parked in front of my house.

Back when I was issued the permit, I gave the city some paperwork that included the license plate number of the vehicle I'd be using it for.

Why the hell can't the parking enforcement people carry around handheld scanners that read my license plate as a means of learning whether or not I can legally park here?

It would take only a few years' use to pay for the hardware and software, since the city would no longer have to mail out half a million placards. And it would completely eliminate false positives and negatives, and I wouldn't be charged sixty bucks for no good reason.

In this modern era, the city of San Jose has no excuse. It's the geek capitol of the damn world.

Of course ... the city probably also enjoys collecting illegitimate fines, since it means more money. Bastards.
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