Garrett (garote) wrote,

Well crap

I was all jumped-up about going on a 62-mile bike ride to Walnut Creek via Mt Diablo, but then I realized I left my repair kit and gloves at work. By the time I fetch them, it'll be too late to start. >:( BAH.

Out of all the stuff in the repair kit, I've only had to use the zipties and the tire pump. But even so, I'm paranoid.

Also, this incident made me realize something: Bike trips have become a bit complicated for me, haven't they?

As an example, for this ride, I was packing up my standard "long ride" luggage, which consists of:
  • Pannier 1:
    • Light gloves
    • Sunglasses
    • A kercheif
    • Two shirts
    • Extra socks and underwear
    • The 2-liter water "sack"
    • A small mirror
    • A washrag
    • A toothbrush
    • Toilet paper in a baggie
    • Dental floss
    • Some earplugs
    • A few large zip-lock bags

  • Pannier 2:
    • Wallet
    • The portable charging base for my GPS unit
    • My camera
    • A polarizing filter for my camera
    • A small combination USB hub and camera media card reader
    • My small camera tripod
    • A spare tube
    • A tire pump
    • A small spoke repair kit
    • Zipties
    • A chain repair tool
    • A few spare links of chain
    • Chain oil
    • Various hex wrenches
    • Several tupperwares and bags of food

  • Attached directly to the bike:
    • My iPhone
    • My iPod
    • My iPod case
    • My iPod remote wire
    • My GPS unit
    • A water bottle
    • My battery pack
    • My headlamp and taillamp

  • On me:
    • A sweater
    • Heavy gloves
    • A helmet
    • Headphones
    • My iPhone mic wire
    • Shoes with bike cleats in them
...And if I was planning to stay out for more than a couple of days, I'd throw in:
  • A laptop
  • A laptop charger
  • Jeans
  • A small rolled-up backpack
  • My camera battery charger
  • A baseball cap
  • A razor
  • Additional clothes
Plus if I was camping, there's:
  • A tent
  • Tent poles
  • A ground cover
  • An inflatable mattress
  • A sleeping bag
  • A small USB-charged lamp
  • A balaclava
  • Some rope
  • Even more food
This sure has gotten complicated. :)

The good news is, almost all of this is pre-sorted into bags and panniers, so it's fairly quick to assemble.

The above list, plus a few odds and ends, is what I used to ride from Crater Lake to Stanley last summer. I swear, it really does all fit on a bicycle. :D

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