Garrett (garote) wrote,


As an adult, I've experienced the "thrill" of sparring with someone who was rash and quick to anger (for the sake of the hot sex they delivered), the eternal frustration of nursing a severely depressed person (for the sake of deep intimacy, and their beautiful smile), been harshly rejected by childish people for inane reasons, been cheated on and lied to (and learned to forgive, close the door, and move on without drama - for my own sake), et cetera. There were GREAT moments and there were HORRIBLE moments.

I reached a point where relationships were essentially a mapped territory. Then one day, I looked at the map and noticed a big giant X right in the middle of it. The X was marked with the label "kindness". All of a sudden my map was a treasure map. ... and, I also had the navigation skills to use it.

Since then, I have been using that map in my romantic life, in my friendships, and in my own head, from one day to the next - seeking kind people and being kind to them - and have found a lot of treasure.

My friends, my family, my workmates:

You are treasure to me. I appreciate your strength, your dedication, your companionship and laughter, your intelligence, and most of all, your kindness. All of you have made 2009, and previous years, an excellent time for me. Thank you for being on the map. Thank you for following it with me.

Let's go kick 2010's ass! Bang! Kersplat!!!

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