Garrett (garote) wrote,

New camera pictures + trip preparation

La and I used to go to the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market regularly, but since moving to San Jose we've really missed it. When I recieved the new camera, a visit to Santa Cruz seemed like the perfect occasion to test it. The stands are always tastefully decorated.

They also sell flowers here. The depth of field and color on this camera is pretty amazing. This is the first time I've use a camera that can actually see in the dark better than I can.

If I took this picture with my old camera, the stalks in the foreground would blend in with the background. But now they're distinct. This is the magic of depth-of-field. I'm learning about it for the first time, since in the past I was constantly fighting to get enough light into the lens.

Here's The La, graciously tolerating my shutterbug urge while I'm supposed to be getting into the van. She's the lovliest girl in the universe.

A house up on the hill overlooking the Boardwalk. Most of these houses have decorative plaques explaining their fancy memorial status, like the Gran Poobah House or the Lord Such-And-Such Family Dorkoleum. They make me want to visit Berkeley some time soon, and do some night photography of the hills up there.

The view inland from the hill. I'm discovering that I have a lot more freedom in cropping photos than I did before, with all the pixels crammed into this camera.

I took a picture of this reconstructed mission building a couple years ago with my old Dimage 7i, and even though I was able to zoom in further with that camera, I got a better picture by cropping the image from this new camera.

Taken through the window. Depth of field is what adds the magic to this picture.

Also through the window. The blue cast reflected from the sky blended pleasantly with the shadows in the ceiling.

This is the picture that blows me away. What I really wanted was a close-up of the bulbs hanging off the wire. This photo was taken at the full zoom range of the camera lens, which is not very far, and it left me really wishing I had a lens that could zoom in further. ... Until I got home and cropped this photo, and discovered:

Wow. There are so damn many pixels in that photo, that the detail I wanted was there after all.
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