Garrett (garote) wrote,

Alright, how about this:

806 miles.
From Yellowstone to Crater Lake: Ascent of 21,512 feet, descent of 24,852 feet.
From Crater Lake to Yellowstone: Ascent of 24,852 feet, descent of 21,512 feet.

This route doesn't catch Hell's Gate, but it does catch the Craters Of The Moon National Park, and it's about a third shorter. I could ride this in a month.

Elevation data:

A climb of 3000 feet is nothing to sneeze at. I ascended at least that much when going to the Lick Observatory last winter, and it was exhausting and took more than a proper day's riding. But still, I'm having trouble deciding which direction to go. Is it best to begin at Yellowstone, after X days of hiking and driving through Utah? Or is it best to begin at Crater Lake and end up at Yellowstone?
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