Garrett (garote) wrote,

Okay, someone please explain this to me.

A bunch of organizations (banks, investment firms) that deliberately made each other bad loans on bad credit were in danger of having all that illusory money evaporate when the average person could no longer survive under the strain of the real debt at the bottom of the pyramid.

So the government spent 1.5 trillion dollars in economic bailout money, with another 800 billion on the table.

We gave the banks this cash with no requisites on how it was to be spent, so they went and bought other banks, instead of freeing up the credit markets.

So the government just spent, like, four complete years' worth of everyone's taxes, for what? So that these organizations could ACTUALLY GET that illusory money they'd been passing around, and use it to brawl amongst themselves? While the average person, bankrupt, homeless, or starving, receives nothing?


They went in front of congress and said, "Waah, we thought the working class was an infinite supply of good debt! But they weren't! But can we have our money anyway"... And the gummint said, "Okay?" And furthermore, "let's all chip in - including the bankrupt middle class - and pay for you to escape?"

What the hell is going on?

The lenders didn't get money out of me from a bad loan - because I was never foolish enough to ask for one - so they take it out of me anyway, through my taxes? Why am I paying for this? Why are ANY of us paying for this?

Seriously; what the hell is going on??
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