Garrett (garote) wrote,

The Good Life

I hacked in my office for way too long, munching some leftover tomato "beeef" from Lu Lai Garden. Then I spent the drive back over the hill to Santa Cruz deep in thought over the code I was writing, while the soundtrack to The Vision of Escaflowne rumbled around the car.

At the house I changed into sweats and a sweatshirt, grabbed the iPod and my phone, and went out walking in the damp night air. I jammed the earpiece for the phone in my ear behind one headphone speaker and called up The La. We chatted as I listened to ambient music and walked down the road along the cliffs, overlooking the ocean. I asked La to tell me a story, so she made up one about a flounder meeting a pretty girl founder with fluttery eyelashes, who collects pebbles from all over the world to make a safe hiding place. As she spoke I wandered slowly through the boat harbor, watching all the boats bobbing in silence, some still draped in Christmas lights. I climbed some stairs to the road, then crossed the bridge to Learning in Motion and unlocked the back door.

I poked at the web server and file servers in the basement and confirmed some remote access settings, while still talking with La. Eventually I turned off the lights, locked up, and began walking along the road towards home. As I went, La told me a "Choose Your Own Adventure" story. I giggled and picked page numbers. In her story I found a pet cowfish who had black and white spots and went "Moo", and I taught some fish fry all about the wonders of seashells and led them on an underwater field trip.

When I got home I said goodnight to La, and assembled my backpack with my laptop in it. Then I drove to the Saturn and worked on the web server remotely while I chomped a burger and fries.

A day full of work, then comfortable silence, then fresh air, and the voice of my beloved.
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