Garrett (garote) wrote,

I was here

I woke up late after too few hours of sleep, and rushed to work to watch Steve give the second half of his keynote presentation. About fifty other people were already packed into the lounge so I had to stand on the fringe of the crowd, barely able to see the television. But still, I'll remember this day for years to come. We all watched joyously as Steve introduced and then demoed the iPhone.

Half of the crowd was surprised, while the other half was just happy - because they had been secretly working on the device for months, even years, and knew it was coming. Now, finally, they could talk about it.

"Now I can say I was here", I thought to myself. "I was working here, and I was involved, when this device went public." The idea pleased me. "People all over the world are going to talk about this."
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