Garrett (garote) wrote,

A nice early birthday celebration

I woke up in the late morning and puttered around the house. The weather looked pleasant for a change, so I sat on the front stairs of the house, blabbing on the phone while the city buzzed around me. Little Mira the cat was emboldened by my presence and came out to explore, and eventually settled on the steps just a few below me, sunning her stripe collection. Neighbors paraded in and out of the church across the street. The air was fresh and warm, punctuated by cool gusts that streamed over me and made Mira stick her nose out like a radar dish.

I began a meandering conversation with Zog on the phone, sipping a coke from a glass bottle. After about half an hour, Milo walked up from down the block, so I paused the phone call and shook his hand and clapped him on the back, east-cost style. Inside the house I handed him an ancient Mac G4, which he crooned over and then hauled out to his car. Back out on the front stoop I opened the laptop, listened to music, ate some ice cream, and petted the cat. People in boomy cars passed by, spraying hip-hop, dance hall, and mariachi music. Kids towed their adults along the sidewalk, their faces turned up to watch the trees waving. After a while I closed the laptop, then brought out my bike and made a few figure-8's around the neighborhood streets, enjoying the sunshine.

Later on I went inside and set up MAME on the living room computer. Matt and Marina came over and we spent six or seven hours just sitting around making foul jokes about the old video game classics. Matt recompiled the kernel on his laptop from the rolly chair. La talked with an old friend on the phone in her office for hours.

The next day I rode my bike 10 miles to work, experimenting with a different route. When I got to work I chucked the bike into the van, grabbed my laptop, and drove home. While La studied with her friend at the living room table, I sat on the couch checking all the systems at work via wireless and VPN. When midnight rolled around we busted out a vegan ice-cream cake and I opened La's present to me: Matching luggage carriers for the sides of my bike! Now I can take my things to work without wearing a backpack! Much, much better.

La took her friend home and I hacked in silence for a while, then when she got back we snuggled on the couch. Truly a fine weekend.
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