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Glad to see my sour prediction proved wrong. Now I get to have some faith in the next four years and three months at least. Very irritated about prop 8 being so close, though. So many people who are voting out of fear. So much money flooding into the state from MormonLand(tm). What was the last count? 37 million dollars? What is it about desert communities that makes everyone in them crazy? Do they take the desolation of their surroundings as proof that an afterlife is all they have to fight for? I say this only half in jest.

Time for some non-election-related stuff. Can't let the internet get too lopsided.

In 2005 La and Dan and I went to Reno and found this awesomely named slot machine. Just today I finally got around to sorting out this film roll and ran it through Aperture, and whaddayaknow: You can see Dan and I in the background there. IT'S NOT ELECTION RELATED! WHOO!!

If you're interested, here's something to totally divert you from election news:

I've been filling out the bike writeup. Here's a crappy shot of the TuneCharger board at work. The coil is the only component that gets hot. Here I've balanced my vice-grips on it. After about 45 minutes, the vice-grips go from cool to comfortably warm. Meanwhile the Lithium Iron-Phosphate batteries are stone cold.

Using a 12 volt, 1 amp power adapter, I can charge the batteries up to 6.65 volts, and then when I disconnect the adapter they relax down to 6.61 volts. This is supposedly my target of 3.3 volts per cell, and is about the voltage the batteries were when they arrived in the mail.

Yet the max charging voltage for these cells is supposedly 3.7 volts. I've programmed the TuneCharger to stop charging when it hits 7 volts (3.5 volts per cell). But ... it just never gets there. I've had it charging here for a couple of hours now and it's stuck at 6.65 volts.

What gives? Do I need to throw more than 12v, 1 amp at it? Should I worry that the coil is getting hot enough to warm up a pair of vice-grips?

OH THE DRAMA!!! I know, it's too much to handle. :D
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