Garrett (garote) wrote,

Dear "Sir".

Dear "Sir".

Your article here has about as much integrity as a third-grade book report scrawled on a handkerchief during the bus ride to school.
I've seen better political commentary spill out of a scrabble box. This argument you present, basically attempting to link Senator Obama to Hitler via Jew-hatred, is what we on the internet call an invocation of Godwin's Law. Google it.

While an argument is typically defined as a series of connected statements designed to establish a proposition, the spew coming out of your word-processor does manage to paint a coherent argument despite missing the typical definition by a mile. The proposition is obviously "Richard Cohen is a vacuous pundit", and the connected statements are, "I, Richard Cohen, detect no outrage," "Therefore I shall attempt to manufacture it," "And I shall do so by trotting out dead news from ten months ago", and in conclusion, "I consider half a minute of Google too daunting for an editorial". Well proven, Sir! I am utterly convinced.

Of your disingenuous vapidity.

Good day.
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